Thursday, May 31, 2007

I read an eye opening article by Frank Furedi, a sociologist from the University of Kent. He orates on the evolution of our society, especially western society, of illness being an infrequent negative state to a normal accepted state. In his article, Furedi laments that "wellness" is a social responsibility and possibly a state we can never acheive.

Wellness has become something you have to work on, something to aspire to and achieve. This reinforces the presupposition that not being well - or being ill - is the normal state. That is what our culture says to us now: you are not okay, you are not fine; you are potentially ill. The message seems to be that if you do not subscribe to this project of keeping well, you will revert to being ill.

The more we obsese with "wellness" the more it seems we are forever in a state of "illness". My opinion is that we should continue to counsel "wellness" but to take every opportunity to reinforce our patient's (and each others) successes. Embrace to good and accept that we can really never reach the nirvana of "wellness" that has been placed in front of us.


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