Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The APTA provides us with an article outlining how Physical Therapists can provide care to improve the physical status of women on bead rest during pregnancy. Standard thought makes physical activity and bed rest mutually exclusive. However, as we know, and as the article points out, Physical Therapists do more than just exercise.

The problems with that arise with bed rest are varied and many. As the article points out:
As a result of prolonged bed rest, pregnant women experience an array of symptoms, ranging from cardiovascular deconditioning, musculoskeletal discomforts, stressful postures and positions, skin breakdown, muscle weakness, as well as psychological issues such as guilt, stress, and depression.

As Physical Therapists, we can improve bed mobility, maintain flexibility, reduce the chances of potentially deadly DVT's, and educate on body mechanics and positioning.


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