Thursday, June 7, 2007

Evidence Based Medicine is dependent on us keeping up to date with current evidence. But how many of us actually have time to search our, read, and incorporate this evidence?

That is why it is very important to find ways to get preprocessed literature, that is relevant to your practice, sent to you. There are resources for this, and I'll take the time to list the one's I know. Please leave comments with other sources you use.

  • Evidence in Motion - Great site for discussion, current literature, and Con. Ed.
  • Rehab Edge - A discussion forum with views and treatment ideas from all over the world.
  • Cochrane - Literature reviews of specific pathologies
  • InfoPoems - POEMS are Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters.
  • Hooked On Evidence - Our own association has this great tool for us summarizing benefits of select treatments.


Jason L. Harris, PT, DPT said...

Just an update. Found a nice blog that lists PT related research as it is published. Nice site to not have to run around looking for new research outside of you available journal(s).

The site is called Physiospot - Musculoskeletal. Here is their URL:

Cory Blickenstaff said...


Good work on the blog. Just having a look around.

Consider putting the Science Based Medicine blog on your radar screen. Excellent information being presented over there daily.


Jason L. Harris, PT, DPT said...


Thanks for pointing me towards the blog. Informative and nice to read.

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