Friday, May 11, 2007

An article on MSNBC hashes over what many of us in the health care field have thought for years...fat and fit is better than skinny and unfit. Activity is what's going to keep us alive longer not a set weight.

Push your patients to get active and not worry so much (although don't completely disregard) about their weight. As their activity levels go up, their weight will go down in general.

Pointers I give my patients to increase their activity in small ways:

  1. Take the stairs. This is the most obvious and underused way of getting more activity.
  2. Park further out in the parking lot so you can walk a little further before reaching the entrance of where you are going.
  3. For the very sedentary, get up and do a lap around the house during commercial breaks.
  4. Use a pedometer. You would be amazed at how motivating this cheap tool can be in getting someone to walk more.


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