Monday, May 14, 2007

The APTA announced that Kansas has joined the list of "Direct Access" states. Looking closely, though, one wonders if we should be excited about what Kansas has achieved.

The new law allows a PT to:

  • Evaluate but not treat for new Dx
  • Evaluate and treat for 30 days a Dx previously referred by a MD
  • After a new injury or the 30 days for an old injury, an ok to treat must come from a MD, DPM, DC, OD, dentist or liscenced practitioner of Healing Arts.
Chiro, OD, dentist or "practitioner of Healing Arts"??? Only the Chiro has half an idea who's appropriate for PT and ends up being like Coke telling Pepsi when it can sell it products. Additionally, a "Practitioner of Healing Arts" appears to be a massage therapist!

Who is looking out for our interest in this state. In my opinion, this is not a step forward, but a step sideways.


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