Sunday, June 1, 2008

A subject that has been eating at me for a while, but has been repressed due to it not having to do anything with PT, is "Spy Gate". Was it a shock how pervasive this taping was? Yes, but they were caught and punished. Should have been the end of it. Nope, not with our government.

We are struggling with ever decreasing reimbursement, $4 gallon gas, a war, and a slumping economy, yet Republican Arlen Specter feels this should all be ignored and the government get to the bottom of the Patriots video taping.

What a waste. I'll save the government some time. Just like stealing signs in baseball, taping-trying to get other tapes-spying-etc, is already done at every level in football. I only played at a small college, but I remember the whole team being sent running to scare off a car that seemed to be watching practice too intently; pretending to run a 3-4 defense during a walk-through at an away campus; coaches snickering at the tape they got from outside of a tape exchange agreement; and more.

I hope the good people of Pennsylvania see the light and get rid of this headline grabbing boob soon.

Jason L. Harris

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