Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rich-Mar announces the first FDA approved combination Laser/TENS unit. Because if separately one is questionable in it's effectiveness, together they must be able to cure the blind.

Somewhere Chiropractors are lining up to buy these units by the dozen.

From the release:

One of the biggest challenges physical therapists and chiropractors faced, up until now, is the fact that laser treatments were not reimbursable by health insurance, said Douglas Johnson, ATC, EES, CLS, and medical consultant to Multi Radiance Medical. These professionals knew that therapeutic lasers worked, but struggled with both the initial purchase of the unit and determining what to charge patients for the treatment without reimbursement. The LaserStim accessory and its unique design changes all of that. Time spent administering light therapy with LaserStim is now being reimbursed by insurance. Most physical therapists and chiropractors will see the unit pay for itself in less than one month of treatments.

Ahh, the truth comes out. Insurance companies (rightfully, for now) won't reimburse for Laser treatment, but they do for E-stim. Well, hell, strap a couple of electrodes to the laser and call it "LaserStim" and you can now charge for it!


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