Wednesday, September 19, 2007

occasionally receive comments from readers. My post on the traction machine called the DRX 9000 is a good example of many different comments left. I have recently began receiving many "Anonymous" posts that attack me directly or are far off subject. Examples being "Anonymous" drawing up arms to have me prosecuted for libel and this most current unpublished one:

Why won't you post all comments?

That is what a blog is for?

You post "under investigation" about your competition, but you won't post factual occurrences about your own profession?

Why would this be?

Please post the recent submission about the "fraud" that has been going on within the Physical Therapy profession.

Must keep an educated and unbiased look at everything :)

Until then, this is just a biased blog toward your own advancements, that is all that it is.

My reply? If you don't have the balls to not post anonymously and do so to attack me or make comments not relative to the original blog post, I will unilaterally reject the comment. I have ok'd every opposing view that stayed on subject.

Oh, and yes, this blog is for my advancement and physical therapy in general advancement. I make no hidden agendas in that right.

Conclusion, stay on subject and I have no problem publishing your comments.


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