Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reading one of my favorite medical blogs - Respectful Insolence - Orac posted on a Homeopath in Arizona that had a patient die after performing liposuction on her. To make this even more interesting, the assisting physician had already had 2 patients die after lipo and his lisence had been put on probation.

This got me thinking, do people really know what homeopathy is? Or do they just blindly believe what these pseudo doctors are telling them?

Here is a great video of James Randi explaining Homeopathy and the "4 rules of homeopathy":

My favorite line when referring to a homeopathic medicine:

Has no side effects. That's true. My question is 'does it have any other effects'?

Absurdity, this is. I believe people should be able to choose how to treat their ailments. However, homeopathy is duping the desperate, fearful, and needy. Educate those who ask about the quackery that homeopathy medical treatment is.


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